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Kosicki Construction pours ICF foundations for Indiana, PA, and the surrounding areas. Foundations are the start of any building project. Without them, there is no sturdy surface for your garage, home, business, or other structure. Our contractors have years of experience in pouring foundations and can ensure that it is sturdy and safe. We specialize in ICF foundations for our clients. Call today at (814) 674-5773 for an estimate or to learn more about our building services. We proudly serve Indiana, Marion Center, Johnstown, and the surrounding areas of Central PA.

What Is An ICF Foundation?

While all home and business owners know what a foundation is, they may not know what an “ICF” foundation is. ICF stands for “insulated concrete forms.” These forms keep the concrete insulated after construction. ICF foundations can cure faster and better than other types of foundations, making them much more durable. ICF foundations can help combat against foundation shifting or cracking, drafty basements, and other common new build issues. The forms can help protect against fire damage, water damage, and more.
If you want an ICF foundation for your new home or business, talk to the contractors of Kosicki Construction near Indiana, PA. Our team will be happy to discuss the benefits of ICF foundations and if they are right for your project.

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Contact Kosicki Construction today for more information on ICF foundations. We work with our customers to make sure they are satisfied with the job. We know how stressful new home construction or business construction can be, so we work to remain transparent during the process. Count on our contractors to successfully pour and set your foundation in the Indiana, PA, area.
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